Green Spot

Option 2: Submit for Reimbursement

Reimbursement via Franklin Soil & Water

Can't find what you're looking for from one of our immediate discount vendors? You can purchase your rebate item from a legitimate store and submit it to Franklin Soil and Water after purchasing AND installing or planting to receive a reimbursement check in the mail. The businesses listed below are options where eligible items have been purchased in previous years. Wherever you shop, make sure to get a printed, ITEMIZED receipt or invoice that indicates the rebate item's price per item. We HAVE to have an itemized receipt or invoice in order to issue reimbursement. We cannot accept handwritten receipts. We cannot accept any exchanges between private parties such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay, CraigsList, OfferUp,etc. Please ensure the item you are purchasing meets the rebate requirements before you buy. If it doesn't meet the rebate requirements, we reserve the right to deny your rebate application. 

Rain Barrels & Compost Bins 

Rain barrels must have an enclosed lid and be installed with a level (straight-across) diverter (no cut downspouts or downspouts going directly to the rain barrel!). Compost bins must be enclosed or have rodent-proofing (if you are eligible). 

Native Plants, Shrubs & Trees

Many local nurseries carry native perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Sometimes, they might even have a section dedicated to natives! Even better, there are some stores that are native speciality stores. Anything on our Native, YES List will be approved for reimbursement. Anything listed on our Invasive, Do-Not-Plant List will be DENIED for reimbursement - including cultivars (i.e. Butterfly Bush 'Miss Molly'). Additionally, we will not reimburse any seeds, annuals, vegetables, aquatics, or herbs. 

For a complete list of Ohio's native plant specialty vendors, please click here.