Green Spot

Eligible Rebate Items & Requirements

Your voucher will indicate eligible rebate items based on your home's tax district. Eligible items can vary by community! Please refer to the chart below and your voucher to determine what you are eligible for. Rebates will ONLY be approved if you are eligible for these items based on your community AND if items meet the requirements listed below. Each individual community decides what rebates their residents are eligible for and how much funding is available each year. We have no control over it. 

Rain Barrel Rebates

Rain barrels must have a properly installed, LEVEL diverter system (purchased separately or as part of unit). Must have a lid (no screens or open tops) and diverter. No rain barrels with direct/cut downspouts will be accepted. We highly recommend the EarthMark/EarthMinded RainStation. It includes the rain barrel and diverter kit as well as a winterization plug and the instructions. It comes in three colors - terra cotta, black, and gray. It is commonly available at local stores like City Folk's Farm Shop, big box stores, and online. 

Native Plant Rebates

Native perennials, shrubs, grasses, and trees are highly recommended and preferred. When in doubt, "Go Native!" We will NOT reimburse any cultivar or variety of an invasive plant species, annuals, vegetables, herbs, aquatics or seeds. 
  • For a list of invasive plants and plants to avoid, check out our Invasive, Do-Not-Plant List. It is updated every year. We will NOT reimburse any kind, varieties or any cultivars of items listed on our Invasive Species/Do-Not-Plant List. Take it with you when you do your shopping to make sure you're not purchasing any invasive plants or plants of concern. 

SWACO Compost Bin

Purchase the SWACO Compost Bin for only $30 from Franklin Soil and Water (cost $100 - $70 instant rebate = $30 cost to you plus tax). The SWACO bin is an on-the-ground bin, 82 gallon capacity, and is made from 100% recycled content. It is a single-unit main body with a harvest door, lid and rodent-proof bottom. You can purchase it online from Franklin Soil and Water after you have participated AND received your voucher! Please note, you will have to pick it up from Franklin Soil and Water's office in Grandview. We will send a reminder email one week before the pick up date. The bin fits in the back seat of a regular sedan for easy transport. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR VOUCHER! Quantity is limited and subject to availability. As of 9/9/2022, we are SOLD OUT of the SWACO Compost Bins for the rest of the year. We will likely have more next year in 2023. Sorry! To receive notifications for when the program opens next year, please sign up for othe Community Backyards email list.

$50 Compost Bin Rebates*

*City of Columbus residents are NOT ELIGIBLE for the following $50 COMPOST BIN REBATE (including tumblers!). The only compost bin rebate they can receive is the discounted SWACO on-the-ground compost bin. 

Only compost bins that are an "enclosed bin", pre-fabricated unit meant for outdoor use or vermi-composters/worm bins will be reimbursed if you are eligible for the $50 compost bin rebate. This will typically include tumblers, on-ground units and vermi-composters. Reimbursements will NOT be applied to indoor composting units like countertop compost pails, DIY/homemade bins, or home-composting services such as The Compost Exchange. All compost bins must be totally enclosed and therefore rodent-proof in order to receive reimbursement! 

  • Option 1 - Enclosed, On-the-Ground Compost Bin: We recommend the on-the-ground bin over the other options of compost bins. Sit directly on the ground and allow micro-organisms to enter and break things down for you! Most come with a lid, ventilation, and an access door to your finished compost. It must have a rodent-proof bottom in order to receive reimbursement. Some do not come with a bottom from the store, so it might require an extra step and a little DIY to make it rodent-proof. However, these kinds of compost bins are the best at making high quality compost. 
    • Rodent-Proof Construction:
      • Construct out of ½” inch hardware cloth or welded wire
      • Cover vents with ¼” to ½” wire mesh
      • Use secure, tight-fitting lid
      • Prevent rats from burrowing under the compost. Suggestions:¼” to ½” wire mesh over a wooden pallet; dig out the soil and lay 3 to 4 inches of coarse gravel and ¼” to ½” galvanized hardware cloth; solid foundation of concrete or patio stones
  • Option 2 - Tumblers: Great option for those who want a smaller bin and something easier to turn than an on-the-ground bin. Because they are often smaller, they might not be the optimal size compost bin of 1 cubic yard. However, under ideal conditions, they can make compost quickly. Price can vary greatly. Please be aware that the tumbling mechanisms are often made very poorly and tend to break easily. Tumblers are not as well ventilated as other kinds of bins, making them more prone to being too wet if you do not put enough "browns" in it. They are more prone to gnats.  
  • Option 3 - Vermicompost Bins: Great option if you don't have a yard. We recommend the Worm Factory 360 model which is available at City Folk's Farm ShopAmazon and more. Stackable trays allows for multiple batches to be going at once. Requires additional purchase of worms which are not eligible for reimbursement. Can't compost very much at a time compared to other bins. Worms can be somewhat picky about what they like to eat. Bin must stay around 55-80 degrees in order for the worms to survive.