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Invasive Plants

Buyer Beware, Do-Not-Plant!

We do not support or recommend any invasive species. Invasive species are non-native plants that outcompete native plants. They cause harm to the environment, economy, and/or human health. They can easily take over an area, subsequently taking away food and habitat from native wildlife. They can even promote non-native or invasive pests and insects. They can also hurt our crop and food production. Because of this, we will NOT REIMBURSE any invasive species or their cultivars. We encourage residents to do their research before purchasing and planting any and all plants to ensure they are not invasive or potentially invasive. Many non-native plants for sale are intentionally or unintentionally named to be confusing or misleading. Always check the common name AND the botanical/Latin name before purchasing. Just because it hasn't taken over your yard does NOT mean it will not escape and potentially take over a natural area. Invasive plants are easily spread via wildlife and wind. 
  • Invasive, Do-Not-Pant List: We will NOT provide reimbursement for any of the invasive species listed on our Invasive, Do-Not-Plant List, including cultivars of those listed (i.e. Butterfly Bush and any cultviars like 'Miss Molly'). This is a list we created using multiple resources and consulting experts. These are plants that are known to be invasive or potentially concerning in Ohio and surrounding states. We reserve the right to deny any reimbursements submitted for any plants or cultivars of plants listed on the Invasive, Do-Not-Plant List! We refer to the Ohio Invasive Plants Council (OIPC), the Ohio Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), and the Midwest Invasive Plants Council (MIPC) to determine plants that are not eligible for reimbursement. 
  • Ohio Invasive Plants Council: The Ohio Invasive Plants Council is a coalition of agencies, organizations, and individuals throughout Ohio concerned about the introduction, spread, and control of invasive, non-native plants in Ohio's natural habitats. They have resources, working groups, and events working to combat invasive species. 
  • OAC 901:5-30-01 Invasive Plant Species: The Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) designates 38 species as invasive. These listed species are illegal to sell or propogate or distribute in the state of Ohio. One of the newest editions to this list is Callery Pear aka Bradford Pear. 
For rebate requirements, please visit our Eligible Rebate Items page

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