Green Spot

Native Plant & Tree Rebates

Native perennials, shrubs, grasses, and trees are strongly recommended and preferred as they provide the most benefit to our native pollinators and wildlife. Native cultivars AKA nativars are also accepted. Though not preferred, non-native plants can be accepted as long as they are not listed on our Invasive Species Do-Not-Plant List, including any and all cultivars of listed invasive plants (such as Butterfly Bush 'Miss Molly' or Miscanthus 'Gracillimus'). However, we strongly encourage you to choose native plants over non-native plants. In addition to invasive plants on our Do-Not-Plant List, we will NOT reimburse any annuals (including native annuals), vegetables, herbs, aquatics or seeds. All plants must be planted in the ground. No plants in pots will be accepted. Plants must be ALIVE in order to be reimbursed. We will not reimburse dead plants. 

For native plant recommendations, visit our Native Plant Resources webpage.