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Conservation Rebate Program

Welcome to Community Backyards! Together with our partners, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District promotes stormwater education within Franklin County, Ohio. Our goal is to protect water quality by reducing stormwater runoff. Keeping rain where it falls and using it as a resource keeps our waterways healthy and safe. We encourage the use of rain barrels and rain gardens, while introducing residents to backyard conservation practices including composting, native plants and trees, and responsible lawn care. Watch our video and keep reading to learn more. 

What's the Deal?

Community Backyards offers one rebate per household per year for the purchase of an approved backyard conservation item to residents in participating communities. First, participate in the online course or attend a workshop. After you participate and we verify that you are eligible (i.e. live in Franklin County, Ohio), you will receive a voucher with instructions on how to redeem your rebate. Participation is open annually from May to September. 

Rebates Available

Ultimately, your local municipality decides how many rebates are available for their residents and what rebates residents can receive. We have no control over what rebates are eligible in each tax district - it is all up to your local municipality! In Central Ohio, sometimes your tax district can be different than your mailing address or school district. Because of this, we will verify your tax district via the Franklin County Auditor after you participate - which you can do too if you want to learn more about your property and local taxes! Your voucher will list what your tax district is and exactly what rebates you can receive. Rebate funds are limited and subject to availability by community. You must live within Franklin County, Ohio and/or a participating municipality in order to qualify for a rebate.

How Do I Participate?

Take the online course or attend a workshop! You will learn how to be the solution to water pollution beginning right in your own backyard by using rain barrels, rain gardens, native plants, and composting. 

The 2023 program will kick off with workshops in April 2023, and the online course will be open May 1, 2023 - October 1, 2023. 

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Questions? Call our office at (614) 486-9613 or email us at
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