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Community Backyards - Closed for the Winter

2023 rebate applications will open on April 24, 2023  

Rebate submissions will open on April 24, 2023 for the 2023 season. Do not submit a rebate application until AFTER you have received your voucher. 

Until then, remember to follow these winter tips to keep your yard healthy year round! 

1) Winterize your rain barrel
  • Disconnect the rain barrel from the gutter downspout. 
  • Empty barrel of all water.  Make sure to drain the water from attached hoses as well.  This will avoid any left over water from freezing and cracking the barrel.
  • Clean the inside of the barrel.  Over time the use of a rain barrel can collect deposits or residue that need to be cleaned in order to keep the barrel in its best condition. 
  • Store your rain barrel in a dry place like a shed or garage.  If you don’t have room, turn the barrel upside down and cover it with a tarp so that is does not collect any water or acquire weather damage. 
  • During the winter, you should reconnect the gutter downspout.  Make sure this is positioned away from the house to avoid any flooding around the foundation.
2) Protect your newly planted native trees
  • Mulch your leaves and use as a protective barrier in your garden beds & around the base of your tree.
  • You can find more fall & winter tips for your yard by visiting
3) Don't worry about your compost - you can do that year round!