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Native Plants, YES List
This is a short list created by Franklin Soil and Water to give suggestions of native plants we commonly see at local nurseries around Central Ohio. It is not an complete list of every native plant for sale, but it will give you a great start on selecting native plants.

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What Native Plants Should I Purchase and Where?
This is a brief list of native plants that can be found in local nurseries around Central Ohio, as well as a list of vendors that sell native plants.

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Native Plants for Best Stormwater Management Practices
This features a robust, comprehensive list of Ohio natives, including those commonly used for stormwater applications around Franklin County. Courtesy of Franklin County Engineer.

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Pollinator Friendly Plants
This document provides a list of pollinator friendly plant species and compares size, color, watering needs, and some other important notes. It is specific to Ohio and the Great Lakes region. Courtesy of the Xerces Society.

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How to identify your plant purchase
Not sure what plant that is while out shopping? This guide provides an overview of how plant naming works and some definitions. Use this to help identify plant purchases.

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Invasive, Do-Not-Plant List
The plants on this list are NOT REIMBURSABLE.

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Invasive Plants of Concern in Ohio
This is a list of plants the State of Ohio is concerned about and that you should avoid planting. Courtesy of the Division of Forestry, Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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Ohio's Top 10 Most Invasive Plants
Ohio’s Most Invasive Plants: This brochure describes 10 of the most invasive non-native plant species in Ohio with information about their appearance, habitat, possible controls, and native species which can be used as alternatives in garden or wildlife plantings. Courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Natural Areas & Preserves.

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Invasive Species and Noxious Weeds Species List
This list contains invasive species and noxious weeds in Ohio. It was provided by Natural Resources Conservation Service's (NRCS) EQIP Program. The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program that helps agricultural producers protect the environment while promoting agricultural production.

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Ohio native nurseries, landscaping, organic lawncare, education and habitat products
This list contains a variety of vendors and service providers including nurseries, landscapers, lawncare, and more. Courtesy of Wild Ones-Columbus Chapter.

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