Green Spot

Rain Barrel Rebates

Completely enclosed rain barrels with an installed, LEVEL straight across diverter hose are accepted. We will not reimburse any rain barrels with a direct downspout to the rain barrel, any rain barrels with an open top, or rain barrels with an improperly installed diverter. For these reasons, we highly recommend the EarthMark AKA EarthMinded RainStation model. It includes the rain barrel and diverter kit as well as a winterization plug and detailed instructions. It comes in three colors - terra cotta, black, and gray. It is commonly available at local stores like City Folk's Farm Shop, big box stores, and online. 

Free Rain Barrels

You might be eligible for a FREE rain barrel depending on your household income. This is in addition to the Community Backyards rain barrel rebate! There are two options to get a free rain barrel: 
  • Community Backyards Free Rain Barrel Program - Residents who participate in the Columbus Public Utilities low income and/or senior discount programs can receive a FREE rain barrel with their Community Backyards rebate. Must first be enrolled in the low income and/or senior discount proram in order to qualify. Must participate in the Community Backyards online course or attend a workshop. Then, you must provide proof via your water bill indicating that you receive these discounts. Click here for more information
  • IMPACT's Home Weatherization Assistance Program - Franklin County homeowners/renters/mobile home households whose income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and reside in certain zip codes can receive a free rain barrel with IMPACT Community Action's Home Weatherization Assistance Program installs and upgrades. IMPACT's program offers help with energy efficiency testing and remedies to improve your household's energy efficiency. For more information and instructions on how to apply, click here

For more information about rain barrels, visit our rain barrel resources page