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Rain Barrels

Homeowners, renters, and property owners can conserve water and reduce stormwater runoff by installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels collect and store water that runs off your roof and would normally be directed to the street. You can use the collected rain water to water your lawn, gardens, or even wash your car. It is not recommended to drink or bathe in it because rainwater is not considered potable aka drinkable water. Your plants and flowers will love it though! 
  • Consider Your Landlord, HOA & Zoning Regulations First: Do you live in an HOA, city limits, or historic district? Check with your local city, HOA, and/or historic district to ensure you can install a rain barrel - especially if it will be on the front or side view of the property. Some areas have rules or regulations about where you can put a rain barrel. If you rent, check with your property owner or manager or lease before installing a rain barrel. 
  • Rain Barrel Replacement Parts: Sometimes, the parts wear down over time, and you might need a replacement. Luckily, it can be pretty easy to find replacement pieces. Try searching for the missing part that you need from RainBarrelParts.comThe Rain Barrel Depot, and Rain Brothers.  
  • How to Winterize a Rain Barrel: You need to winterize your rain barrel. This will help prevent wear and tear. The EarthMinded Diverter Kit comes with a winterization cap, so it is super easy! You just disconnect the diverter from the downspout and put the winter cap in the downspout. We recommend storing your rain barrel under roof cover in a garage, shed, or carport if possible. This will prevent rainwater and snow from freezing and busting your rain barrel. If it is not possible to store under roof cover, just make sure the lid is on there nice and tight.