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Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed and can breed in as little as 7 to 10 days. Rain barrels not properly installed or with open lids, can provide the perfect environment for them. Recommendations for reducing breeding sites include eliminating or emptying artificial water collection containers described as prime breeding spots for the mosquito species.

Be sure that you are not breeding mosquitos in your rain barrel by following these suggestions:
  • Install rain barrels with a diverter kit, which will keep the openings between the lid and the barrel sealed and keep your rain barrel from overflowing.
  • Empty barrels on a regular basis after and/or before a rainfall to control mosquito breeding cycles.
  • Use Mosquito larvicide tablets such as Mosquito Dunks ® inside barrels as needed to assure the control of breeding and development.
  • Clean all gutters and downspouts. Leaves, twigs, seeds, and other organic matter will create a water dam in which mosquito larvae can grow.
  • Perform regular inspections of your system to make sure that there are no cracks or leaks, and that all fittings and seals around the valves are intact.
By taking these precautions, your properly protected rain barrels can actually help prevent unwanted mosquito breeding by eliminating the standing water which results from a heavy rainfall. Learn more tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from Franklin County Public Health

Have a mosquito problem? Columbus residents can report mosquito problems to 311 by calling (614) 645-3111 or submitting on online request. Non-Columbus residents can report mosquito problems to Franklin County Public Health by calling (614) 525-BITE (2483) or complete an online request.