Green Spot

Protect Water Quality by Reducing Stormwater Runoff

There are lots of ways to prevent stormwater pollution. Rainbarrels, rain gardens, native plants, and composting are just the start. Check out these other resources and programs to learn more. 

  • PUP Campaign (Pick Up Poop): A local pledge program, “PUP” stands for Pick Up Poop. All dog owners can "doo" the right thing and scoop poop when walking and in your own backyard. The goal is cleaner water, healthier communities, and PUPing is the law. PUP before it rains to keep bacteria and e.coli out of our waterways. 
  • EPA's Source Water Protection: How can you help protect source water? Check out these tips from US EPA on what individuals and communitities can do to protect our waterways. 
  • Blueprint Columbus: City of Columbus neighborhood capital improvement projects focus on relining sewer pipes and installing new green infrastructure to slow the volume of stormwater during large rain events, a major cause of combined sewer overflows. Free sump pumps are available for eligible residents in Blueprint neighborhoods!