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Community Backyards is a Conservation Rebate Program

Welcome to Community Backyards! This is an annual program by Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District that promotes water quality education for residents in Franklin County, Ohio. Our goal is to protect water quality by reducing stormwater runoff. We can do that in our own backyards by keeping rain where it falls and using it as a resource. We encourage and incentivize the use of rain barrels, rain gardens, native plants, composting, and low input lawn care to keep our waterways healthy and safe.

How It Works 

Community Backyards offers one rebate voucher per household per year for the purchase of an eligible, approved backyard conservation item to residents in Franklin County, Ohio and/or participating communities. Here is how it works.

  1. Participate - First, you must participate in the education requirement of the program. You can do this via one of two ways - take the online course --or-- attend a local, in-person workshop. You only have to do one. After you participate, you will receive a voucher for a rebate. 
  2. Pick Your Rebate - Now that you have a voucher, decide what rebate you want! Your eligible rebate items will be listed on your voucher. Pick one. Remember, you can only get ONE REBATE PER HOUSEHOLD PER YEAR. You cannot get multple rebates in one year. So, choose wisely! However, you can participate each year. 
  3. Redeem Your Rebate - Get your rebate! You have two options - redeem for an immediate discount at a participating local vendor --or-- purchase at any retail store and submit it for reimbursement. 

The program is an annual program and is open each year from April through September.

Available Rebates

Rebates are available for residents of Franklin County and/or participating community residents. Your available rebate options will vary based on your home's tax district and are subject to availability. In Central Ohio, your primary tax district can be different than your mailing address or school district (i.e. Hilliard mailing, City of Columbus taxes, Hilliard Schools). Because of this, we will verify your tax district via the Franklin County Auditor after you participate (and you can too if you want to learn more about your property and taxes). Then, we will issue a voucher which will specify your tax district and rebates available to you. 

Rebates are very limited and subject to availability and can change from year to year. You must live in Franklin County, Ohio and/or a participating municipality and participate in the Community Backyards online course or workshop in order to qualify for a rebate. Franklin Soil and Water has no control over if and what rebates are available for each community- it is all up to your home's local municipality and their available funding. 

2024 Available Rebates - to be announced in Spring 2024

Take Action: Choose Your Way to Participate

There are two ways to participate to receive a rebate voucher. Pick ONE:

  1. Take the Online Course: Open May 1, 2024 - October 1, 2024. 
  2. Attend a Local Workshop: Workshops run spring to fall. Check back in April for more dates. 
After you participate, we will issue you a voucher, and then you can get a rebate.

Questions? Check out our Resources page. Still not sure? Call our office at (614) 486-9613 or email us at
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