Green Spot

General Rebate Program Rules

Because this program is funded by local municipal funds, there are rules that all participants must follow in order to receive reimbursement. These rules must be followed in order to receive reimbursement. In addition to this webpage, rules are disclosed on your voucher as well so you don't miss them. Regardless of HOW you redeem your rebate (immediate discount vendor or submit for reimbursement), your rebate item must follow these rules - NO EXCEPTIONS. We reserve the right to DENY rebates if these rules are not followed. 
  • Limit one rebate/household/year - If you try to get multiple rebates for one household in a year, you will be invoiced for the overage, and you could be banned from the program. Funds are limited. 
  • Expired Voucher - Vouchers expire due to the popularity of the program and limited funding. The expiration date is listed directly on your voucher. We cannot accept expired vouchers. We can deny your rebate application if your voucher is expired at the time of submittal. 
  • Receipts - Must have PRINTED and ITEMIZED receipt from legitimate retailer. No exchanges between private parties will be accepted (including but NOT LIMITED TO: Facebook/Craigslist/OfferUp/eBay/etc.). Due to State Auditor Rules, we cannot accept handwritten receipts or receipts that are not itemized or not from a legitimate retailer. If your receipt is handwritten or is not itemized or is from Facebook Marketplace for example, we reserve the right to deny your rebate. This is a State Auditor rule that we have to follow, or we could face potential action from the State. This will be strictly enforced so we can keep this program going! 
    • For example, if you go to a legitimate business like Natives in Harmony, they only provide a handwritten receipt with your purchase. You MUST request an official INVOICE from Natives in Harmony if you want reimbursement through our program. Failure to provide an official invoice from Natives in Harmony will result in a denied rebate application. 
    • Any Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist/eBay/OfferUp/etc. purchases will not be accepted - no exceptions. 
  • Purchase Date - Item MUST be purchased in the SAME YEAR of participation. If you participate in 2023, you must have purchased your item in 2023 (NOT a previous year). This is a State Auditor rule we have to follow in order to prevent potential fraud. 
  • Eligibility - You must be ELIGIBLE for the rebate item are you submitting. Please refer to your voucher to see exactly what you are eligible for because it can vary by community and from year to year. Whatever is listed directly on your voucher is exactly what you are eligible for. If it is not listed on your voucher, you are not eligible for it. Eligibility for rebates will vary based on your tax district. We have no control over what or how much rebate funding is available for each community - the municipality makes the final decision based on their available funding, and we then implement the program. If you are not eligible for something and you submit it for reimbursement, we will NOT reimburse you for it because you are not eligible. No exceptions. Funds are limited. We cannot reimburse you for something you are not eligible for in the first place. 
  • Rebate Item Requirements - If you are eligible for the rebate item, the item MUST FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THAT ITEM! 
    • Rain Barrels - must have a FULLY CLOSED LID, A DIVERTER HOSE that is INSTALLED PROPERLY, SECURELY CONNECTED TO THE BARREL AND DOWNSPOUT and is LEVEL/STRAIGHT! We will NOT reimburse any direct downspouts or open tops. We will NOT reimburse any diverters that are not straight/level. This is to prevent overflow up against your home's foundation and mosquito breeding. We HIGHLY suggest the RainStation model by the EarthMinded aka EarthMark brand, but you MUST install the diverter level/straight as well. 
    • Native Plants - must be planted in the ground (NO POTS!). No seeds, annuals, herbs, aquatics, vegetables or invasives (including any and all cultivars of an invasive species) will be reimbursed. Must be LIVE plants or bare roots - no seeds. Must include photos of plant tags or plant names in the comments of your rebate submission. Please choose NATIVE PLANTS for our native wildlife and pollinator before choosing non-native plants. 
    • Compost Bins - must be rodent-proof (aka totally enclosed on all sides and top) per Public Health's recommendations to prevent rodent activity. Tumblers and worm bins are already rodent proof by design. Some on-the-ground compost bins are not rodent proof if they do not come with a bottom. If they do not have a bottom, you MUST add rodent proofing to the bottom in order to receive reimbursement. You can use hardware mesh or patio pavers to create a rodent proof bottom barrier, and you must also submit photo proof that the rodent proofing has been completed. Homemade compost bins or piles, bokashi bins, kitchen bins, or home-composting services such as Compost Exchange are NOT ELIGIBLE for reimbursement.