Green Spot

Community Backyards Participation

Community Backyards in person workshops are now being scheduled! Register through the link below. 
The Online Course and Quiz will open May 1, 2020.

Ready to go green? Earn $50 for your yard by participating in the online course and quiz or attending an in-person workshop! Community Backyards participants will automatically be enrolled to be a GreenSpot after receiving their voucher. Becoming a GreenSpot is a requirement of the program. Why? Well, there are a couple reasons.

  1. It's Easy! By implementing one of the backyard conservation rebate practices, you're already working on going green!
  2. Rebates are provided by the City of Columbus and participating communities. Without their support, funding would not be available for rebate.

Listed below are participating communities along with eligible rebate items. Rebates are limited to one reimbursement for each household.
Not sure which community you fall under? We verify addresses online through The Franklin County Auditor and determine eligibility by your primary tax district.
                                                       ***Your primary tax district may be different than your postal/mailing address***

Participating Communities


Eligible for a $50 Rebate on one of the following: Rain Barrel, Compost Bin, or Native Plants & Trees

Not within a participating community but still in Franklin County?
Don't worry, you are eligible for a $50 rebate on a rain barrel or compost bin!

         If you live outside of Franklin County or a participating community, contact your local Soil and Water office for available conservation assistance.

Questions? Many program details or eligibility clarification can be answered on our FAQ page. If that doesn't help, give us a call; (614) 486-9613 or contact us through email!

Let's Get Started:
Participate Online, or Visit Us In Person!

Remember, Community Backyards offers one Rebate per household, not per person.
Duplicate addresses will not qualify for a voucher.

Take the Online Course and Quiz

(Open Now - October 1, 2020)

  1. Fill out the contact page with your most up to date information including home address, phone number and an email address that you check regulary.
  2. Watch an online presentation with a focus on residential use of rain barrels, rain gardens, composting, native plants and lawn care.
  3. Take a short quiz on what you've learned at the end.Pass the quiz and your information is sent to Franklin Soil and Water.
  4. We verify your eligibility and send you a voucher with eligible rebate items.
  5. Follow the instructions on your voucher for how to redeem your rebate & receive your reimbursement.

Online Course & Quiz

If you have already passed the online course and quiz but have not received your voucher, please do not take the course again. Email Kristin Hilson for an update on your voucher status.




Register for a Local 
In-Person Class

  1. The Community Backyards In-Person Classes are free for any to attend, and offer information, interaction, and answers to your questions. 
  2. Register online or print and mail the registration form (below).
  3. We will verify your information and contact you to confirm registration.
  4. Attend the class of your choice. At the conclusion of the class you will receive a voucher with eligible rebate items (if you pre-registered).
  5. Follow the instructions on your voucher for how to redeem your rebate & receive your reimbursement.

At this time, most in-person classes have been postponed. We are working on other options for virtual in-person classes. We will let you know when that will be offered!

Register online for a 2020 Class!