Green Spot

Eligible Rebate Items

1. Rain Barrels: 
Any rain barrel with a diverter system (purchased separately or as part of unit) will be considered for reimbursement. Find out what a diverter system is through Earth Minded.

 2. Compost Bins: Only compost bins that are "closed bin", pre-fabricated units meant for outdoor use will be reimbursed. This will typically include tumblers and on-ground units. Reimbursements will not be applied to indoor composting units (vermicomposting or bokashi), homemade bins, or home-composting services such as Compost Columbus. If your unit does not come with a bottom, you may purchase one separately, or can rodent proof it yourself (DIY rodent proof bottoms are not eligible for part of the reimbursement cost):
 Rodent-Proof construction:

  • Construct out of ½” inch hardware cloth or welded wire
  • Cover vents with ¼” to ½” wire mesh
  • Use secure, tight-fitting lid
  • Prevent rats from burrowing under the compost. Suggestions:¼” to ½” wire mesh over a wooden pallet; dig out the soil and lay 3 to 4 inches of coarse gravel and ¼” to ½” galvanized hardware cloth; solid foundation of concrete or patio stones

3. Native Plants: Native perennials (plants that go dormant at the end of the growing season, but grow back every year), shrubs, grasses, and trees are highly recommended and preferred. We will NOT reimburse any cultivar/variety of an invasive plant species (such as purple loosestrife or Japanese barberry), annuals, vegetables, herbs, aquatics or seeds. Browse our Invasive Species/Do-Not-Plant List before your buy!.