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Keep Rats Out of Your Compost

Rodent-Proofing Your Compost

  • No meat, chicken, fish, cheese, oils, or greasy foods
  • No pet feces, including dogs, cats and cat litter. While the use of chicken manure is commonly accepted practice, rodents will be attracted.  Avoid using any manure that will attract rodents in compost piles in areas that are experiencing a rodent problem.
  • Layer food scraps into the center of the pile and cover with a layer of yard/paper waste
  • Place bin away from other rodent food sources such as: bird feeders, pet food bowls, garbage cans, and fruit trees or berry bushes
  • Place bin away from rodent harborage sources: stacked wood piles, brush piles, sheds, or other outbuilding
  • Rotating drums available commercially
  • Rodent-Proof construction:
  • Construct out of ½” inch hardware cloth or welded wire
  • Cover vents with ¼” to ½” wire mesh
  • Secure, tight-fitting lid
  • Prevent rats from burrowing under the compost. Suggestions:¼” to ½” wire mesh over a wooden pallet
  • Dig out the soil and lay 3 to 4 inches of coarse gravel and ¼” to ½” galvanized hardware clothSolid foundation of concrete or patio stones

Rodent-Proofing at Home