Green Spot

Rebate Checklist

To make sure you have everything ready to submit your rebate, please read through the checklist below!

  1. Did you complete the online course or attend a workshop and receive a 2017voucher?

  2. Is the item you purchased an eligible rebate item?
    • The item must be listed as an eligible item on your voucher to be reimbursed for the purchased.
    • Rain barrels must have a diverter installed and have an enclosed lid. Click here for more information.
    • Compost bins must be enclosed or have adequate rodent protection in place. Click here for more information.
    • Invasive species will not be reimbursed. Click here for our invasive species list.

  3. Do you have a copy of your receipt from a licensed retailer that clearly states the item name and cost?
    • Receipts must include: Retailer name and location, date, name of item purchased, and amount of sale.
    • Plant receipts must indicate species name.
    • DIY parts and pieces, hand written receipts, or items exchanged privately between two parties will not be accepted!

  4. Did you install, assemble, or plant your rebate item and are ready to provide photos?
    • Photos will not be accepted if item is still in the box, unplanted or from the internet web description page.
    • Photos must clearly show proof of diverter system for rain barrels and rodent protection for on the ground compost bins.
    • Soil tests must be submitted with receipt and photo of test results

Please Note: We will accept submissions for soil tests reimbursements along with the purchase of native plants or trees as long as your purchases are submitted for reimbursement together. We cannot process separate reimbursements for each item at different times.

Ready to submit?